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Jessica Papineau has worked in fashion for 25 years—and has spent the last five transforming women’s lives by elevating their wardrobes, boosting their image, and helping them step into the future they dreamed of for themselves.

While she makes her CSJ Styling Strategy available to women through a multi-tier membership program, Jessica reserves a portion of her schedule to work with a select number of clients one on one.

Jessica Papineau




This exclusive opportunity is only available to a select number of clients. Those who are able to book Private Styling Sessions with Jessica enjoy:

  • One on one meetings with Jessica either virtually, in-home, or in the studio. In these meetings, Jessica personally guides the client through her four-step Authentic Fashion Styling Program, so that they can establish their goals, dreams, and visions—before even looking at any clothes.
  • A wardrobe evaluation in which Jessica guides the client through steps 2, 3, and four of her four-step Customized Styling by Jessica Styling Strategy, showing them how to Review & Inspect each item in their wardrobe, Assess and Eliminate the clothes they already have, and Categorize & Curate the remaining pieces into what Jessica calls “cake” and “icing.”
  • The opportunity to shop in Jessica’s exclusive clients-only boutique, choosing clothing and accessories hand-picked by Jessica for their style and quality. This is part of step four of the CSJ Styling Strategy: Transform and Transcend.
  • Customized lookbooks of the client’s wardrobe, showing them how to put together the clothes they have so that getting dressed each morning becomes effortless and empowering.
  • A streamlined wardrobe, increased confidence, and the newfound skills to dress with ease, style, and joy, every single day.
  • A realization that they love the way they look, and the person they are becoming.

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