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A big new job. A different life stage. That feeling of having a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear. Women come to CSJ Styling for a variety of reasons—but each one leaves looking, and feeling, transformed, empowered, and ready to live the life of her dreams. Watch as some of our incredible clients share their style success stories—then get ready to write your own.

“Working with Jessica allows me to focus on my strengths and not focus on the time-consuming question of what to wear.”

Amy Burnie

Entrepreneur Halifax, Canada

“Pregnancy, post-partum, through each transition in my life, I can go to Jessica in any phase of life and she makes me look good and feel confident, no matter what’s going on in my life.”

Kaye Dixon

CEO Sarasota, Florida

“I thought hiring a stylist was going to cost me money, but I was spending a lot of money on clothes that just didn’t work for me. Working with Jessica saves me time and money, and she helps me look and feel more youthful.”

Pam Sowder

Author Sarasota, Florida

“We were not only able to find me clothes, which is always a great thing to have. But when I started dressing myself in the way that she had the vision, and was able to hold the vision for me to show up as, that was really when things turned around for me.”

Hilary Billings

CEO of Attentioneers Las Vegas, Nevada

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In Their Words:

Style and Substance

“From the moment I walked into Jessica’s styling studio, my thoughts around wardrobe, my beauty, my body mindset and my outer appearance completely shifted . I was nervous before our first consult . ‘How would she know what size REALLY fit me?! How would she know what I liked?! Would she push me out of my comfort zone and would I be okay with it ?’

I can’t explain truly what she’s done for me . It’s more than what I expected from a stylist. She DID push me out of my comfort zone, while still nurturing what I felt most comfortable in. She changed the way I view myself and how I feel in clothing, while at the same time developing an everlasting relationship.”

Rana Tierney

Sarasota, Florida

“I reached out to Jessica because I was feeling so uncomfortable—I gained 60 pounds with my last pregnancy, and nothing I had fit. I thought, I can sit here, not feeling that confident, or I can decide to look and feel good in this transition, no matter what. I can go to Jessica in any phase of my life and be confident in what I’m wearing.”

Kaye Dixon

Sarasota, Florida

“I was in such a slump after gaining some weight and the confinement of Covid, I had nearly given up on myself. I decided to ask for help and I am so glad I did. Jessica edited my closet and presented me with a huge wardrobe to try on and find myself again. I realized I had been self-sabotaging for years, and now I was done. I am embracing the body I have now and am happier than I have been in years. As I write this, I am fighting back tears—but I’m dressed to the nines in an outfit I love on my way to dinner with my precious husband so no time for that!”

Amanda Anderson

St. Petersburg, Florida

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